SARTORIALI Stoff-Damebüste mit Gelenkarmen und Standfuß

Artikelnummer: ART-1562-001

Kategorie: Büsten mit Armen

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Damenbüste "Sartoriali" Büstencode BUSA 42

Konfektionsgröße: 34/36 ( X-Small bis Small )
Körpermaße-Umfang: Brust 84 cm, Taille 56 cm, Hüfte, 85 cm
Büsten-Höhe: 73 cm ( höhenverstellbar auf Ständer durch Standrohraufnahme )
Schulterbreite: 37 cm

Made of polyurethane foam, covered in lycra or linen and completely stapled.
Our busts are studied in detail and with ample possibilities for models.
Available for women, men and children.
The detail of the seam, completely handmade, gives these tailored busts a class and an elegance that enhances your store.
You can totally customize your bust, from the finishing of the fabric, to the wooden or iron base, up to the addition of accessories such as the articulated head or arms.

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