Along with the rainbow in the sky appear clouds, which with their lightness and delicacy have inspired the sinuous and light forms of Nuvola collection. From a careful analysis of contemporary trends emerged the common denominator in furniture trends: compact dimensions, softness, round and slender shapes, a search for lightness that in an everyday life it extends even to furniture accessories.
Nuvola is proposed in the market as the first Hi Retail collection with a round metal upright: a lightweight collection in shapes, a store furniture designed to be recognizable but at the same time discreet to highlight the product on display. The supple shapes are also highlighted by the choice of colors: soft pastel shades and discreet but with features of strong impact. Another important novelty is the possibility to request on some products the contrast edge on the panel in three brand new brushed metal effect finishes.

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Ladeneinrichtungen für Retail-Stores, spezialisiert auf Fashion Bekleidungs- häuser und Boutiquen.

Hi Retail entwirft und realisiert anpassbare Ladenbausysteme mit modularen Möbeln für alle Arten von Geschäften und Einzelhandelsflächen, sowohl im No-Food- als auch im Lebensmittelbereich. Vom Design bis zur Produktion findet alles in unseren Produktionsstätten in Italien statt. Unser Team aus Fachleuten und Designern bietet Ihnen maßgeschneiderte, funktionale und originelle Möbellösungen

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